18 APRIL – 19 JUNE 2015


Contemporary Art Exhibition, organized during the 2015 Exposition of the Shroud of Turin, in the Conference Center of the Church Santo Volto in Turin, with over 45 works of art by international artists, both emerging and established. Holy MisterY investigates the reflection of divinity and mystery in contemporary art.

In Holy MisterY, the term mystery has an ambivalent meaning, and can be understood as a religious concept indicator of a revealed truth proper to the Christian faith, such as the mystery of the faith or the Holy Trinity. Alternatively, it can take on a meaning of secular phenomenon of which you cannot find the cause or explanation. Perhaps the key of interpretation lies within the title of this exhibition: Holy MisterY, either Holy Lord (Holy Mister) or Sacred Mystery (Holy Mystery), playing on a subtle similarity between two words.

What is certain is that visitors will be transported to a timeless place, where works of art created by artists from many different backgrounds interact in a common search consecrated to satisfy humanity’s atavistic thirst for knowledge, trying to answer questions that have fascinated and tormented humanity since the dawn of time. Holy MisterY is a journey, a test. It is the unknown expressed, celebrated and hidden behind each of the works of art displayed in the exhibition hall of the Church Santo Volto. It is where viewers are explicitly challenged to ask themselves the reason why (Y) of these works.”

Revered E. Acres, P. Albertelli, C. Badelita, V. Berruti, M. Borrelli, G. Botta, Bounty Killart, J. Carrol, D. Catalli, C. Ceccherini, M. Cerutti, D. Coltro, F. Delia, P. Delle Monache, C. D’Oria, A. Demetz, F. Dominici, A. Eccel, A. Fanelli, F. Ferzini, H. Fletcher, S. Galeotti, G. Garbolino, A. Gioiello, P. Grassino, I. Kabakov, N. Goldin, K. Sato, R. Kusterle, B. Lucca, C. Margaroli, Mario Merz, Marisa Merz, P. Mesa Capella, F. Nonino, P. Peroni, L. Pozzi, G. Rubbio, S. Sacomandi, D. Scroppo, F. Squatriti, A. Stefanato, S. Tomaino, A. Uda, N. Valente, F. Viale, J. Vallance, B. Viola, e 15 Madonnari.