Contemporary Art in the Heart of Monforte d’Alba


I camminatori – Marcel Mathys
Baccante e centauro – Marcel Mathys
L’ultima portata, 2005 – Domenico Borrelli
Analgesia, 2012 – Paolo Grassino
SpeakerMoon, 2015 – Alessandro Sciaraffa
Donna che dorme, 2014 – Olivier Estoppay
Mediatore, 2008 – Domenico Borrelli
Untitled, 2014 – Aron Demetz
2 Ghepardi, 2015 – Davide Rivalta
Rinoceronte, 2016 – Davide Rivalta
Le voleur de couleur, 1995-2013 – Nicus Lucà
Come nel principio, 2016 – Valerio Berruti
Fase luminosa, 2016 – Jessica Carroll
Cardiaco, 2006 – Paolo Grassino
Sulla strada di Ornans, 2015 – Olivier Estoppay


Monforte Contemporanea is a public art festival taking place in September and October in Monforte d’Alba. An event that explores the encounter between the everyday life of the town, the stunning scenery of Piedmont’s Langhe and contemporary art, promoting a direct relationship between the public context and artistic interventions. The main beneficiary of Monforte Contemporanea is the population of the town, with which this outdoor exhibition aims to establish a dialogue, adapting to the local habits and environment.

Monforte Contemporanea Zero Edition features contemporary art scattered along the streets of the historic town center, alike an invasion by a group of strangers in search of something. The Art is part of a yet to be discovered story, and accompanies visitors along a seemingly random path…

O is the very first edition of the project, a little preview of how Monforte Contemporanea could develop in future years. The title is deliberately ambiguous: it could indicate the number zero, represent the shape of a circle, or indicate the first letter of a longer and unknown word. Whatever happens, our aim is to lay the foundation stone of a long-term project, leaving open all the possibilities that such an adventure could take on.

Centro storico di Monforte d’Alba. 18 Sept – 10 Nov 2016. Every day all day.